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Happiness Mapped

23 Sep


Yes and…

2 Mar

Yes and…, originally uploaded by rosem20.

I Wish

2 Mar

I Wish, originally uploaded by rosem20.

Beyond the smiley face?

1 Mar

We’re kicking off a conversation about what happiness means today with a call to action for pictures that we’ll use as inspiration for the project branding.  There’s a simple template inspired by Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari‘s  Variations on the Theme of the Human Face with a nod to the brilliant web project Sleeveface.

We’ve created a group on flickr and we’re inviting people to create and photograph a “mask” to show us what comes to mind when we ask “Are you happy?”

The images in the next two posts represent my efforts.  What ideas do you have? Is it possible to find an image for mixed feelings? Has the smiley face taken over this territory? We hope to see what you come up with.  We’ll use a selection of the gallery images to take the conversation to a wider audience.