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The definition of ease

27 May
Ceridwen*M has come up with a classic image of pleasure – skimming stones. What could be more convivial, relaxed? It’s a kind of zen time-wasting activity – both focussed and easy,¬†reminiscent of childhood, and free.

Skimming stones!, originally uploaded by Ceridwen*M.


What makes you happy, or unhappy?

27 May

We’re looking for pictures of things that makes you happy, or make you unhappy – I’m particularly looking forward to the latter – for the Flickr group. It turns out that there are quite a few groups on Flickr that relate to happiness. They contain lots of glorious landscapes and (understandably) many pictures of children and babies. I’ve posted one of those myself. So what’s different about this group?

We’re trying to foster a conversation about what happiness means to us today; both the pleasures of contemporary life – family? travel? sport? nature? – and the things that get in the way of our happiness – lack of money? parenting difficulties? the pace of life? the state of the environment? We can talk about these issues on video in the next phase of the project that starts in July. Meanwhile, images can help identify some of the themes. Feel free to offer babies and landscapes, but my request is for pictures that can contribute to that conversation – that are as down-to-earth and as specific as possible. So go on, get the camera out at breakfast time, or at work, and add a photo to the Flickr¬†group. Be truthful. Let’s show ugly as well as beautiful, and in-between things too.